Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get out and see something

It's amazing when you get off your couch and take a hike what you will see. The diversity and beauty of nature never stop amazing me. I has like a little kid after I snapped this pic. Cooper's Hawk I think...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

S.O. Tech Mission Go Bag - initial review

I have been carrying the new SoTech Mission Go bag as my grab and go bag for a little while. The newest version sports 500D cordura. I also added a padded front pocket insert and Maxpedition shoulder pad. I use the bag to carry some essentials in my truck.

So far I am digging it.

Four drawstring pockets on the inside are big enough for a water bottle and a cup no problem.

The SoTech insert is padded and has several pockets. Great addition to the bag.

Maxpedition 2" Shoulder pad added.

Back of the bag has all the attachment points to use the provided molle straps. This allows you to attach the bag to a larger pack. I am going to try and attach it to my ILBE.

Bag can also be converted to a waist pack or a backpack with some minor change up of the main strap.

Contents all spilled out

I would love to get one of these in Kryptek Highlander. You listening SoTech??

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mystery Giveway!

To welcome everyone to my blog I will be running a mystery giveaway. Just post a comment to get entered. If you are BCUSA forum member please post your forum name. I will run the contest for one week.

Hint on what you will get: Some nice military surplus and some other cool bushcraft items!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The venerable Finn Gas Mask Bag!

I have tried many shoulder bags in the past few years and none have been satisfactory. Too small, too big, I feel like Goldilocks sometimes. While at a local gun show I noticed the Finn gas mask bag for $7. I have messed with them in the past but never gave them much thought. For $7 why not. I honestly was going to use it for a tool bag or range/ammo bag. Started messing with it and discovered it can hold a days kit easily and with style. I had the leather shoulder pad strap from a buddy and it fit perfectly.

Updated: I used this bag for many day trips and also for around camp as a catch all bag. For the money you can't beat it. I think online they are selling for more then I paid. I prefer the version that is compartmentalized, it gives you a nice area to store a water bottle or canteen. This bag is ripe for customizing and could use a better and wider shoulder strap.

Happy hunting.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Bushcraft Life - 2010-2014

I was going through my iPhone the other day looking at all the awesome pics I had accumulated. I decided it would be fun to throw them into a slide show and share them. I am truly blessed to have such great friend and family and to have been so many cool places. Can't wait to see what 2014 holds for me.

Check out the slide show here:


Frost River Mesabi Range Pack - reivew

Well it's not exactly Kephart's pack, but that's what I am calling it. Just some pics of the Mesabi Range Pack from Frost River. The pack seems to be intended for commuters more then outdoorsman, but I think it's pretty awesome for a day pack in the woods. Downside with any pack like this is the lack of suspension or padding in the back. Also no sternum strap means the pack shoulder straps will pull on your shoulders more causing fatigue and soreness. I think I prefer more modern packs. But you can beat Frost River for American made style.

Water bottle pockets on the side
Full sleeve pocket on the inside (perfect for sit pad)
The organizer pockets on the inside (good for fire kits, first aid, etc)
Front pocket big enough for maps
Carry handle
Bungee cord tie down for jackets
6″h x 12″w x 5″d. 960 c.i. (Approx.)

Pic from last weekends day out

Added Skog's awesome Kephart patch!!

I made a closer for it

Bottle pockets have drain holes. Nice feature

Perfect little bag as long as you don't overload it. I am going to work on a mod to padded the shoulder straps some and then it will be done for me.

I love this patch Skog!!!

ML Kephart - review

Matt Lesniewski makes some of the finest hand forged blades around with an eye to the traditional. His Kephart design I would say has to be his most popular. At least it's the one I see the most getting used on bushcraft and knife sites.

The ML Kephart is a no nonsense blades. No frills, nothing fancy, just a hard working knife. The only downside of this blade profile is the pointyness of blade. I prefer a pointy blade like my Adventure Sworn.

My Kephart has the following specs:

Convex grind
Pattern-aged 1095 carbon blade
Tiger maple handles
Brass pins & lanyard hole
Antiqued medium-brown dangler sheath
Brass hardware

Pictures tell the story better then I can.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I have noticed that the topic of “what should go in my pack” is coming up a lot lately. It’s a valid question for someone just starting out. But the answer is old as the hills... The Ten Essentials were first described in the 1930s by The Mountaineers, a hiking and mountain climbing club. Since then the list has been popularized by the Boy Scouts and recently modernized by REI.

For me the 10 Essentials is a good starting point and by expanding it just a little you have a well stocked day pack that is designed to get you out of trouble. It’s not meant to be a 3-4 day trip pack list but a list of items that covers all the needs of a stranded day hiker.

Think of the list not as individual items but a systems of kits. Each “kit” addresses a specific need in your comfort or needs when in the woods.

Here is the list with my own twists added:

The 10 Essentials (+2)

Grid Readers

Sun protection

Soft shell jacket
Fleece Cap


First-aid supplies
First Aid Kit

Butane Lighter
Cotton Balls/Vaseline

Repair and tools
Gorilla Tape
Zip Ties
550 Cord

Energy Bars
Trail Mix

Hydration (extra water)
100 oz Bladder

Emergency shelter
Sil Nylon 5x7 MEST
Causality Blanket

+ Signaling
Signal Mirror

+ Purification
Water purification tabs
MSR titan kettle

By having the basics from the list the kit can be very small by adding redundancy you can make the kit bigger. It’s really up to you. It doesn’t matter if you are using a day pack from the Goodwill or an expensive Mystery Ranch pack. The contents are what is important and having all your bases covered.

I hope this helps someone on their quest for the proper gear.
WELCOME! This is my gear review blog. I will be sharing new and used gear that I find, use and mod. My goal is to document and share all the cool stuff I come across. Hopefully saving others time and money when looking for outdoor gear. My focus is on camping and bushcraft packs, bags, knives, cook gear, etc. So stay tuned for more post on some of my cool toys.