Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Frost River Mesabi Range Pack - reivew

Well it's not exactly Kephart's pack, but that's what I am calling it. Just some pics of the Mesabi Range Pack from Frost River. The pack seems to be intended for commuters more then outdoorsman, but I think it's pretty awesome for a day pack in the woods. Downside with any pack like this is the lack of suspension or padding in the back. Also no sternum strap means the pack shoulder straps will pull on your shoulders more causing fatigue and soreness. I think I prefer more modern packs. But you can beat Frost River for American made style.

Water bottle pockets on the side
Full sleeve pocket on the inside (perfect for sit pad)
The organizer pockets on the inside (good for fire kits, first aid, etc)
Front pocket big enough for maps
Carry handle
Bungee cord tie down for jackets
6″h x 12″w x 5″d. 960 c.i. (Approx.)

Pic from last weekends day out

Added Skog's awesome Kephart patch!!

I made a closer for it

Bottle pockets have drain holes. Nice feature

Perfect little bag as long as you don't overload it. I am going to work on a mod to padded the shoulder straps some and then it will be done for me.

I love this patch Skog!!!

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