Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did a quick video on the Battle Systems Signal Panel. A overlooked but important piece of gear. Please check it out

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What do I need?
A question that gets asked allot from folks who want to get outside and start camping or bushcrafting. The answer is not an easy one. In fact it can be very complex, but there is some basic equipment that would make getting outside a little more fun and safe and by adding more equipment can become the basis for your overnight kit. 

Water bottle (A stainless 32 oz -40 oz single wall bottle) - you will be able to boil water in this when it gets cold or do any winter camping
Kleen Kanteen 40oz

Metal cup - drink coffee, boil water, cook in it. Best if it can slip over your water bottle
GSI nesting cup

Spoon/spork - something to eat with
Light My Fire Spork

Multi-tool or camper pocket knife - a toolbox for the outdoors
Victorinox Farmer

Fixed blade knife (3-4” blade) - for wood processing and camp chores
Mora Companion

Pocket saw - to help collect firewood
Bacho Laplander

Butane lighter 

Fire steel - not a necessity but fun to learn and a skill to master early
Light My Fire

Paracord or bank line - multiple uses (50 ft minimum)

Large bandanna - multiple uses

Boots - good sturdy boots 

Work gloves (leather) - protect your hands when working in the outdoors

Grabber blanket - multiple uses, can be a tarp or used to sit on the ground, regulate body temperature during emergency

First aid kit - something basic can be assembled from home items (gauze, bandaids, tape, meds, neosporin)


Backpack - something to carry it all in. This is all based on personal preference. 
Alice pack medium (day or overnight trips)

Add ons
Larger pot - cooking meals
Stanley Cook Pot, Mors Bushpot, etc

Stove - wood burning or alcohol 
Firebox Stove or homemade alcy stove

Axe - larger wood processing
Wetterlings Forest Axe

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Youtube Channel

I have been working on a new youtube channel. Please check it out and subscribe. Trying to get viewership up so I can get a custom URL.